Safety measures to take when using anabolic steroids

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There have been many instances when people have abused steroids. This has caught the attention of the law enforcers who are now determined to crack down the illegal selling and usage of these steroids. When used correctly, legal steroids are very safe and will not result to bad side effects. If you are interested in enhancing your workouts, steroids can really give you a boost for that. However, it must be used within the safety confines of the law and the doctors.

This is the only way they can help one to achieve their goals whether it is enhancing performance or physique. Below are some of the safety issues that should considered when one decides to start a steroid cycle;

Don’t use them till age 25 for bodybuilding

There are teenagers who after watching bodybuilders on TVs and magazines, they admire their body and would want to look the same. After some few days of research, they come to find out that steroids can be used to achieve that and thus they start to experiment with them. They are oblivious of the fact that at their age and body, there is no steroid which can make their body have the same appearance as that of the professional bodybuilders.

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Steroids should not be used by individuals of less than 25 years. More so, they should only be used by people who have been lifting weights for at least 5 years. During the puberty period in males, there is a whole lot of hormones being produced in the body. Introducing some more would be counterproductive.

Take testosterone for the first cycle

During the first cycle, one should only take testosterone and nothing else. This is because even with off-cycles, it still gives great results. It is considered to be the safest steroid since the body also produces it and therefore it is used to it.  When you introduce it in the body, it will assist you in gauging how your body is going to react to the exogenous anabolic produces. Stacking of multiple steroids at the same time is dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted.

Always ensure your cycles are short

If you are having long cycles, they can cause a whole lot of problems. For this reason, make sure that your cycles don’t go for more than four weeks. In fact, the preferred duration is normally 2 to 3 weeks. The reason why it is preferred for one to only keep the cycles short is due to the side effects which are associated with long cycles. One reason is that there will be a sudden shift in your lipid profile. Also, your levels of HDL which is a good cholesterol in the body goes down. At the same time, LDL which is a bad cholesterol in the body will rise. These are all recipes for a heart disease.